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Provides dental offices and clinics a custom, permanent, built-in, office-wide aerosol capture and filtration system 

Generates directional airflow that minimizes the escape of airborne pathogens from the treatment rooms

Removes aerosols powerfully from their source, drastically reducing the risk while performing aerosol-generating procedures

Converts any room with a door into a negative pressure isolation-type space or true negative pressure isolation room with wall-mounted pressure differential gauge.

Shields providers from splatter-generating procedures

Filters office air at a higher HEPA filtration efficiency than even hospital operating rooms and the International Space Station

Provides continuous aerosol removal from patient treatment areas, waiting areas, laboratories, and sterilization spaces ​

Removes pathogens, pollutants, allergens, dust, and particulates of all sizes from the air​

Constant supply of highly purified air throughout the office, increasing the office-wide air changes per hour and cutting the waiting times needed between patients​

Accomplishes all these benefits with the highest quality components on the market

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