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Since not all dental offices are created equally,

the solution should not be, either.

A designer will work with your office to determine your exact needs and create a system layout and design sized and customized to your office.  Providing a floor plan simplifies the process greatly.  However, a combination of sketches, video walkthroughs, photographs, and measurements can be used instead.  Once the designer has an understanding of your office layout, a schematic design will be generated that will be used to guide installers through the installation process.



The ultimate goal with every Air Quality Guard system is for every patient and team member to breathe clean, safe and uncontaminated air during treatment. To remove as close to 100% of aerosols as is possible from their source, then to filter out as close to 100% of the particles in the air as possible, and return the safest level of purified air to your office. In light of the current worldwide crisis, and the health of your patients, team and practice, achieving this goal should be a priority for every medical and dental provider. 

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Directional Airflow makes all the difference

Air Quality Guard strategically places air intakes and returns to create a constant current that prevents air from contamination areas escaping out into clean areas. Air flows from clean spaces towards contamination sources and directly into capture. Air Quality Guard makes it possible to convert operatories into true, negative pressure isolation rooms without any drastic changes to the space. 

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